Today I will Do My Work Honestly

I will be honest with myself and provided a service that is a great honour and privilege to do. My career makes my heart sing with joy .   We go to work , we pay our bills , feed our family, clothe ourselves, keep ourselves warm and live comfortably. Doing our...

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Today I will count my many Blessings

Just For Today I will Count My Many Blessings Thank you for this new day , thank you for the air that I breathe, thank you for the earth the fishes the sea the joy and adventure of my life on this planet . Thank you for the sun the moon the stars the sunshine and the...

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Just for today don’t worry

Hi , its been twelve years since I very first received my first Reiki attunement, I can only say how grateful and blessed I feel with Reiki to guide my life. The five principles of Reiki are part of that way of life. They are not commandments they are gifts of wisdom....

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